Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Diocese of South Dakota: some positive news worth seeing and supporting

The July/August Church News (pdf) has a couple of encouraging pieces.

On page 2, Bishop John Tarrant writes,

"We have shortened the length of Convention and centralized its location in order to make it more accessible by lowering the cost to individuals, congregations and the Diocese."

Now that might not sound dramatic, but there's a context that makes it worth reading. Last year, the Deaneries conducted open discussions on improving Diocesan Convention. When was the last time you saw church group discussions actually collated and turned into responsive action? So it is heartening to see that the Bishop's team really listened and then organized its work around what the people had to say.

Starting on page 4, there is a detailed article on the joint project with Pajut in South Sudan. Lots of great pictures along with the news. It is an inspiring story - and one involving sacrificial suffering. Please be sure to read onto p. 5, and led God guide your prayers and giving for Moses Joknhial's recovery and his work.

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