Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey, liberals?

I say the following sincerely: Liberals taught us a bunch about the power of symbols to demean and oppress. Women are excelling in the work place (in fact, are emerging as majorities in numerous fields) in part because the kinds of "normal" office behaviors that demeaned them were outed and proscribed - because liberals made those insensitive behaviors an issue.

The same is true around issues of race and, in something immediate to my family, disability/special needs. My autistic son is not a "retard" or a "drain on society" because liberals make noise about that kind of demeaning language.

So, why are you liberals so damned insufferably dense about this Ground Zero Mosque idea? Do you not see how it causes pain, even if not intentional?

As a Christian, I am well aware that Christian hypocrisy is the main objection raised against what I believe. Liberals? When you go around applying standards like "sensitivity" to this or that favored group instead of as a unifying human value, rational people perceive hypocrisy, and that carries over into how your efforts are perceived on a whole range of issues.

You have your politicians in power for the moment. How about asking them to apply your professed values?

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