Friday, July 30, 2010

Prayer requests and blog excuses for the next couple of weeks

During the first week of August, there will be some family travel just for fun. Pray that it be safe and refreshing, and that the older kid (who will house sit) will get plenty of rest between the end of his summer jobs and the start of college.

Once we get back, I have just a couple of days to get ready and fly off to the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers' Conference. Again, pray for safe travel, and for God's blessing on the conference. Pray that my writing will develop and bring God glory by bringing God's blessings to readers.

For our younger kid, who is autistic, the lull between summer school and the start of the full school year can be rough. He likes the routines of school days and, while we will involve him in some good stuff here and away, pray that he will be comfortable and calm, and free from seizures and falls.

I am already benefitting from the more relaxed pace now that the sabbatical is underway. My wife and I have knocked out one "deferred" house project and are enjoying the extra time together.

I am very thankful for folks who have given financial support to this time of rest and renewal. You've given some generous surprises and I pray God's blessing on all of you for making sacrifices to bless me.

I might blog here or there if opportunity presents. After the Philadelphia trip, I will lay out some more prayer requests and excuses for September.

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Alice C. Linsley said...

I used to live in the Philadelphia area and I often attended that Writers' Conference. It is a good one! Give my regards to Marlene Bagnull. She's been organizing this conference for over 22 years! She'll remember me as the Episcopal priest who wanted to write fiction. Instead, I write mostly non-fiction. Go figure!