Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rosebud Reservation Church gutted by thieves: you can help

Thieves tore all copper pipe out of the Church of the Holy Innocents in Parmalee.

The following message was on the Rosebud Mission's Facebook wall:

Some of the damage at Holy Innocents' will undoubtedly not be covered by the Insurance due to our thousand dollar deductable. Any donations would be gladly accepted, as Holy Innocents' is one of our poorest congregations (I must also add that they are vibrant and a joy to pastor). Any funds can be sent to P.O. Box 188, Mission, SD 57555, made out to "The Rosebud Episcopal Mission", Re: Holy Innocents' Robbery. Many thanks.

If you prefer, use my secure PayPal "Donate" tab at the top right. Your gift will be run through my church account and you will receive confirmation for tax purposes. I will also pass your name on to the Rosebud Mission unless you request to be anonymous.

Please do pray for the people of the Rosebud Mission and for Spruhan family: John and Judy have served as a clergy couple on the Rosebud for many faithful years, and their daughter Lydia has emerged as a significant pastoral leader in her own right.

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