Thursday, July 29, 2010

LGBT activists seek to centralize global Anglican decision making in unaccountable club

Covenant | Articles | Contrasting Futures for the Anglican Communion

The link is to folks who have stayed within the Episcopal Church rather than bail on it. Long analysis, but some important insights into what's going on. On the other hand, more and more folks are giving up on the enterprise, seeing the Anglican Communion as too corrupted by single agenda activists. The Anglican Curmudgeon, who also analyzes these issues, just noted that his posts on Anglican structural machinations are not getting many hits and he's going to stop covering that aspect of church life.

The Anglican Communion is less likely to splinter than to ooze apart, as the people rich, theologically traditional and evangelistic Provinces of the "Global South" simply cease to recognize the authority of the moneyed but numerically and spiritually impoverished Church of England, Episcopal Church (USA), Canada, Australia (minus Sydney) and New Zealand. Meanwhile, there's a sham "Instrument of Unity" claiming to speak for the Communion while actually carrying water for "networks" of LGBT activists.

I have placed the "Covenant" site in my Useful Links to the right of the page. Again, these are people who have not left The Episcopal Church while continuing to point out its departures from Christian consensus and practice. I have the Diocese of South Dakota's site in my links, but am simply unable to link the blatant propaganda and deception coming out of the national Episcopal Church site.

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