Saturday, July 3, 2010

Freedom isn't pretty but it sure is fun...

The Dakota Territorial Legislature took up the capital's location at its first meeting in 1862. The debate got lively. One observer wrote,"a little blood was shed, much whiskey drank, a few eyes blacked,revolvers drawn and some running done."

Vermillion and Bon Homme fought for the capital. Vermillion settled for a university. Bon Homme never did get the penitentiary it was promised.

At a dinner party, Vermillion capital supporter John Boyle threw a catsup bottle at Yankton supporter Enos Stutsman. Stutsman tossed a volley of tumblers, cups, and chicken bones. Both were ready with fists, but friends intervened. The two shook hands once they cooled off.

From here, where there's plenty more South Dakota history for your holiday weekend.

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