Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hey, clergy - remember that pomposity that comes with ordination? Yeah, it was real. But there's hope...

"For them it often happens that when they see themselves goaded by the great gift of heavenly grace they reckon they are already perfect, and think they are obedient, but only because there is no one to give hard admonitions; they believe they are patient, but only because nobody assails them with insults and adversities. And it frequently occurs that, albeit unwilling, they undertake the spiritual ministry and are led forth to the government of the faithful. These when they are assailed on this side and on that, disturbed in mind, they find they are imperfect, they who when not attacked believed themselves perfect. Thus it ensues that they pull themselves together and inwardly blush at the shame of their weakness and, strengthened by their very confusion, set patience against adversity and progress from tribulation, they who before grew listless in repose from their own security. And they begin truly to be such as before they idly thought they were."
Gregory the Great

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