Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Peace and Just Us

The documentation at Anglican Curmudgeon is more complete, but I can give you the gist in short form:

Episcopal Church says (October 2009):

Resolved, That the Executive Council, meeting in Memphis, Tennessee, October 5-8, directs the Executive Officers of General Convention and the Office of General Convention to refrain from using the Hyatt hotel chain for General Convention and its related bodies and staff, until housekeeping staff summarily fired from its Massachusetts hotels and replaced by contract workers are offered the opportunity to be restored to their original employment and work conditions and provided with back pay for time missed due to their fall 2009 layoffs...

Episcopal Church does (December 2009):

They worked for years cleaning and maintaining the Episcopal Church Center in midtown Manhattan. But after they were fired on Dec. 30, nine hard-working people are in desperate need of divine intervention.

"We came to work on Dec. 30 as every day, hoping to leave a little earlier to celebrate the new year," said Bronx native H├ęctor Miranda, a father of three. "But when we got to the building we were told that we no longer worked there. Just like that. They picked the date well to fire us."

Now, without the means to support his family, Miranda has no idea how he will pay the rent.

"Even worse," he said, "without health coverage I don't know how I am going to pay for my wife's treatment. She is a diabetic, you know."

The workers lost their jobs - which paid standard wages and benefits - when the church canceled the contract with Paris Maintenance, a union cleaning contractor, and replaced it with the nonunion Benjamin Enterprises.

But hey, who can doubt the social justice zeal of an organization whose leaders fly all over the world to build a new communion of... well... just what is their distinctive that compels them to separate from other Christians?

Oh, that's right. They want ordinations and rituals for a small, affluent cohort of the population:

Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire... expressed dissatisfaction... and stated that it was time to move beyond speaking simply of "GLBT" (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered) orientations: "there are so many other letters in the alphabet," he said; "there are so many other sexualities to be explored."

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Anonymous said...

Glad to be in the AMiA. Praying for all my friends still in TE(c) that their witness for the faith once delivered to the saints smacks down the revisionist juggernaut. Hard...