Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Before you make a "moral parity" argument about Christian and Muslim "fundamentalists," take 8 mins. and watch this...

Do you honestly believe that what you've just seen is the same as the worst current example of fringe Christianity?

h/t The Anglican Curmudgeon for video


Scott said...

A comparison to Nazi/Hitler fascism is so tired and overused these days, but watch this video:

And note the remarkable similarities.

Forget the moral relativism (and often outright antisemitism) practiced by 815 and the Democrat party. We are up against fascists no less dangerous now.

The moral relativism preached by the Democrats and 815, and the +ABC is what allows this fascism to gain a toehold in places like the UK, and in the NYC Board of Supervisors who recently voted to allow a Mosque to be built at/near Ground Zero.

But, these fascists (Taliban) have found an even more powerful fuel to feed the fire than "racial purity". Their God.

TLF+ said...

There's no coherent message from the left, except "tear down everything decent and coherent and celebrate everything twisted and dysfunctional."

The Archer of the Forest said...

Ah yes, the ueber boogeymen: Fundamentalists. Everyone hates them, people zealously claim not to be them, but no one can agree on or coherently define what exactly a Fundamentalist is.

TLF+ said...

LOL good point, Archer. I guess the working definition is whoever has a point of view that doesn't agree with my enlightened understanding!