Monday, June 7, 2010

The Episcopal Church no longer represents in global Christian dialogue

Episcopal Life Online - NEWS

Anglicans like to make things wordy, complex and loaded with acronyms. So here's the deal:

The Episcopal Church consecrated a lesbian bishop after Christians around the world said, "Please don't, that's not a practice with which the global church agrees." The Episcopal Church flipped them the bird. Now The Episcopal Church's representatives have been removed from bodies which represent Anglicanism in global interfaith discussions.

It is sad. The Episcopal Church ministered Christ's sacraments to me. It nurtured me in Christian faith and absolutely taught me how to pray and turn my life toward God each day. Now, it is driven by eccentric, uncaring narrow-issue activists. What a friggin' waste.

Episcopal Bishop John Tarrant did not consent to the consecration of a lesbian Bishop, predicting it would damage Christian unity. And so it has.

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