Monday, June 28, 2010

Church of England: Christians must witness to "the unique significance of Jesus Christ," even in pluralistic settings

There is a news summary of the report here. The full document is a large pdf, "Sharing the Gospel of Salvation."

While acknowledging the “shadow side” of some historic evangelistic endeavours, the report’s foreword notes that: “…the fear of getting it wrong should never obscure the Christian’s commitment to the good of all and to making Christ the centrepiece of that good. Too much reticence is as untrue to our history and our vocation as too much stridency.”

"But conversion must never become a word of which Christians fight shy. In Christ, old identities are never the last word and the good is offered for all the world. So there should be nothing embarrassed or awkward about the Church's commitment to draw others to Christ. This we do, not in order to win favor for ourselves, nor to make others more like us, but simply because we want to share God's gifts as we have received them - freely and unearned."

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