Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And they think we should be flown over?

Proposed 'deathanol' plant in Oswego County raises some stink | syracuse.com

A laugh for your evening. Kramer was the humor writer for the Orange County (CA) Register when we lived out there.

Does my heart good to see that his new East Coast digs have the same fine issues as the Great Plains.

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Scott said...

As dad use to say on a hot summer night when the wind was blowing from the north while growing up in Sioux Falls - "I smell money". He was right. Those that worked at the stock yards and Morrells were the rich people in town.

The combination of the John Morrell plant and the worlds largest livestock yards would perfume the air and there was no air conditioning in my neighborhood back then.

Ah....the good old days.