Monday, June 14, 2010

Just another moment that makes me love living here

So I had a chance to hit the gym today. I parked on 39th St. in Sioux Falls. Now, for those of you on the coasts, Sioux Falls is a city - the largest in SD with close to a quarter of a million people.

A rabbit goes bounding across the street. We see this all the time. But all of a sudden there's a blur and, just as the rabbit makes it to the cover of shrubs in front of an office building, a hawk completes a dive at it and then with a couple of muscular flaps is up in a tree to wait for another chance.

Living in SoCal just five years ago, I would have had to see that on Animal Planet. Here, it's just the neighborhood.

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David Handy+ said...

Heh. The swoop of the predatory birds can be impressive. But you can have the hawks. Here in Richmond, we have eagles along the James River. Talk about impressive dives...

But on a more serious note, as a Sioux Falls native, I can remember (growing up in the 60s) when the population of Minnehaha county was less than 100,000. Still, I was surprised to see you cite the quarter million figure, Tim.

So how far does greater metropolitan Sioux Falls extend to include that many people? Must be beyond Brandon and Valley Springs.