Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who are the unthinking, "blind faith" zealots?

You & me at 3 months
The pro-abortion, save-Roe v. Wade-crowd often claim "intellectual" credentials and cast pro-lifers as unthinking religious zealots.

The picture in this post is a 3 month old human being in utero. We have scientific and medical knowledge not available to the Supreme Court when it decided, in Roe, that what you see in the picture is not human and is just disposable tissue.

In other words, Roe rests in part on junk-science which the pro-abortion folks refuse to address. They fling words like "choice" and "privacy" while denying the obvious, material evidence right in front of them.

So, then, who are the unthinking zealots? Who are the ones clinging to pious, abstract words and hiding from the light of truth?


The Oblate said...

This is all simply heartbreaking.
I will continue to pray for the women who enter the abortion clinics, for the doctors preforming the abortions and for all the lost babies.

The Oblate

TLF+ said...

Thanks, Oblate... we know that God loves the women who, under duress, take the "choice" that culture gives them. Jesus loves them.

As Jesus warned, "Temptations are sure to come. Woe be to those by whom they come..." It is the false teachers (and especially "religious" leaders who justify elective abortion) who are at greatest spiritual risk.

Michael said...

It actually rests on junk science and bad law. The latter of which was once admitted by no less a person than ol' Ruthie Ginsburg.

We're in trouble. I really think we are. But remember always the thing that came to me last night as this unholy mess was unfolding around me: Keep your eyes looking up to the One who stands perpendicular to time and space and crafts it all with His own hand. Stand with Him and ask Him to use all of this for His great glory.

By the way. Love the new header image, Father. I have some very fond memories involving that particular patch of the sky during this particular week in my life's history. Big thumbs-up!

Perpetua said...

The ballot initiative to require parental notification lost in California.

Peter said...

So sorry, it's heartbreaking that people choose death over life.

TLF+ said...

Michael - thanks for that reminder about Justice Ginsburg's comment on Roe . It is a shameful decision by any standard except the worship of Molech.

You'll note that Thursday's post goes along with what you say - keeping our eyes on God alone.

Perpetual and Peter - the California decision is all the more troubling given the victory of Prop 8. Are people contending for some kind of superficial, cultural "orthodoxy"? "Public ceremonies for homosexuals are a problem, but infanticide in behind clinic walls is OK."

It is a fallen world, I sometimes forget. We are travelling through, seeking the new heavens and new earth. May we stay on the path to that blessed place in God's presence.

Perpetua said...

Hi Tim+

I think acceptance of abortion "opened the door" to acceptance of homosexual behavior and then same-sex marriage. People's thinking got twisted up in stages.

So, I think we have to unwind it in reverse order. First take same-sex marriage of the table. This re-establishes the conceptual framework where sexuality and human procreation fit together.

Then, once people have a healthy understanding of sexuality and marriage, we can get them to understand the problems with abortion.

TLF+ said...

Perpetua - thanks for the helpful analysis.

Indeed, "healthy understanding of sexuality and marriage" is what we've lost, and various "issues" are symptomatic of that.

We have entirely de-sanctified sex and marriage in favor of exaggerated self-gratification.

Georgia said...

I hope the NEW Anglican Reformation - FCA - will write and teach a body of teaching materials based on Theology of the Body.

I haven't read the original, only heard a few teachings on it and read and heard Christopher West.

When couples are healthy and whole, live in holiness, fully submitted to God can they cherish, esteem, value, deny gratification....there's the problem.

With the effluent and images of the culture that is flowing into the homes and minds through TV, movies, internet, school systems, it's gonna take a counter-cultural movement, discipling/mentoring...a lot of dedication and healing to restore people to spiritual, mental, emotional, relational and financial integrity and discipline.

It also takes union/communion with's the sweetness of knowing Him and being in His presence that acts as an inner compass and enables people to discern between good and evil and gives them the desire to choose good over the desires of the flesh, the pull of peers and culture, the wiles of the devil, to want to learn, grow, overcome temptation. This is what helps us sheep to repent and return: missing the sweetness of Jesus' presence, the sound of His voice.

Georgia said...

Two US States have now approved assisted suicide:

With the so-called "Death with Dignity" bill receiving the support of three out of five voters, Washington joins Oregon as the only American states to legalize assisted suicide in certain conditions."

caheidelberger said...

Michael: Junk science and bad law? Funny: that's exactly what Leslee Unruh and other abortion crusaders have been peddling all along. And that's why South Dakotans keep voting No to the same old ban.