Friday, November 21, 2008

Even the good things have to go...

The video clip is from the movie Castaway, which includes several heart tugging and thought provoking scenes about loss and letting go... the famous "Wilson" scene is at about 6:57.

In "The Ascent of Mount Carmel," John of the Cross warns that even very good devotional items can allure and fixate us - pulling us down from our ascent to God:

Let the soul be sure that, the more closely it is attached to an image or a motive, the less will its devotion and prayer mount to God. For, although it is true that, since some are more appropriate than others, and excite devotion more than others, it is well, for this reason alone, to be more affectioned to some than to others, as I have just now said, yet there must be none of the attachment and affection which I have described. Otherwise, that which has to sustain the spirit in its flight to God, in total forgetfulness, will be wholly occupied by sense, and the soul will be completely immersed in a delight afforded it by what are but instruments. These instruments I have to use, but solely in order to assist me in devotion; and, on account of my imperfection, they may well serve me as a hindrance, no less so than may affection and attachment to anything else.

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