Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Governor Rounds on State Budget: "Everyone is going to have to do with less." Meanwhile, SD shows high academic achievement despite low funding.

The report of gloomy budget projections is in The Rapid City Journal.

A fight looms over education funding. SD ranks last in national per student funding. At the same time, the state scores highly (top 10 nationally as recently as 2004) on comparative measures of academic achievement.

South Dakota has been somewhat sheltered from the national economic downturn, but housing starts and prices are beginning to stall and fall. State business and finance data are here (scroll down for links to the most current figures).

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Danny Dolan said...

And interestingly enough, the Atlanta city government spends an outrageous amount of money per student, with some of the worst test results in the state and nation.

Just goes to show that blindly throwing money at education doesn't do the job. Good reason to favor a strong separation of school and government, I think.