Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Canadian students threatened for pro-life display

Anglican Mainstream has the whole story from Calgary.

What's fascinating in the University Prez's statement of what Universities should be aboot:

Dr. Harvey Weingarten, president of the U of C, has stated in the past, "The role of universities is to promote, permit and enable the free exchange of ideas, debate and civil discourse. If universities do not support these values, which societal institutions will?" The president’s comment reflects the university’s own policy laid out in its Academic Calendar showing that the University aims "to promote free inquiry and debate."

So, what pressing emergency should negate such lofty values?

...the university is justifying its censorship of the pro-life display because of anonymous complaints, and claims that the display could provoke violent reactions. However, there have been no such incidents on the previous five occasions the display has been shown on campus.

Bet their drama dept. can put on some good Kafka (unless anonymous complains about it).

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, yes, got to love the UofC!