Saturday, November 15, 2008


The stages of grief: denial, anger, etc. I have just been through denial but instead of anger, I was jumping up and down and trying not to wake the sleeping child. Acceptance? No problem. I prepared 2 hotdogs in one bun at halftime and then had some candy.

I am Father Tim's wife, Melissa. Thank you for allowing me to indulge myself and share our excitement as Lincoln High School, Sioux Falls, South Dakota won their first state title, since they've been keeping state titles. The score was 27-20. Our son is on that team. (He looks well on camera)!

A player being interviewed said he thinks the coach emphasized brotherhood the most, as they went into the game. Prayer was sent by email several times a week to team members and their parents for almost a month. Prayer Changes Things. The underdogs won. The Lord must have felt it was finally time!


Georgia said...

Congratulations, Lincoln Patriots and Timothy Jr.!!!

How neat that God, through prayer and brotherhood brought victory to the underdogs! May God be glorified in this and throughout all their lives.
Sounds like the Facing the Giants movie.

Anglicat said...

Congratulations to the proud papa! Eat another couple of (hot)dogs--with the works!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous news! What wonderful life lessons the boys on the Lincoln Patriots team have learned this weekend! They have learned truths that will stay with them all their lives!
Congratulations all!

Gretchen in Birmingham, AL