Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lay-offs are here - and my checks are temporarily rubber

Two significant Sioux Falls employers, LodgeNet and Raven Industries, have laid off about 50 employees each this week.

I just got word of a parishioner (not with either of those companies) being laid off, and another being cut back to part time.

And the situation at Citi's credit card division here (employs almost 3,500 people) is tense. Folks are on "pins and needles" and layoff rumors are out and about. The federal bailout will buffer faceless Citigroup but will not spare its 53,000 employees being laid off nation wide.

Pray for us all. Just appealed for some mortgage relief myself, and while putting figures together found out that my checking account is overdrawn. My wife's unemployment and constantly on-hold disability claim have been dragging us down for some time - things are now acute.

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Alice C. Linsley said...

God is faithful. He may be providing you a fall-back position which will be a better place for you. Keep your eyes open. Put your trust in HIM, not in Man. I'll be praying!