Monday, August 11, 2008

Skype Evening Prayer last night - connecting the scattered Anglicans

Our AAC/South Dakota Chapter connected about 10 folks for Sunday Evening Prayer yesterday, using Skype ( - a free download). We made some good initial contact with some Anglican neighbors (what's a day's drive and a few hundred miles between friends?)

We had the usual technical glitches that go with any kind of start up, but all was fine as we offered free intercessions and thanksgivings at the end.

We are planning to offer this every Sunday at 5:30 Central Time. Email this site if you are interested - especially if you are some place isolated and in need of Anglican prayer, Scriptural teaching and fellowship!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for organizing this!

I'm passing the word along to other Montana Anglicans:

Have blessed day - Kay (for MT Anglican)

TLF+ said...

It was good praying with you and thanks for passing this along to other folks under the Big Sky!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Evening Prayer with you last night. I am an oblate with the Benedictine Order and felt as if I were with my beloved monks praying vespers! It's wonderful to be "in community" with all who joined in last night. Continue the good work!
Pax, Oblate-bca