Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dems dis SD delegation - was Thune '04 sooooooo right about Tom Daschle?

Despite former SD Senator Tom Daschle's work as national vice-chair of the Obama for President campaign, and the total support of SD's "superdelegates" for Obama, the South Dakota delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Denver seems to have been dumped near the kitchen door at the Pepsi Center.

This is likely payback for SD Dem's overwhelming support of Sen. Hillary Clinton in the June primary... she won by a margin of 26%.

In 2004, John Thune (R) unseated Daschle for the Senate seat. Thune's campaign suggested that Daschle had become a Washington DC insider, out of touch with the people back home.

Daschle's forceful support of Obama, compared with the SD Dem's grassroots support for Sen. Clinton, shows again that Thune's successful campaign had something more than good soundbites.

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