Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Diocese of South Dakota proposes deficit budget for 2009... TEC cuts support... more asked of congregations and endowments

The Diocesan Convention is October 2 -5.

Pre-convention budget info indicates that the diocesan mainstay, a block grant from the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, is to be reduced from $567,648 (2008) to $539,266 (2009). TEC's gotta get that lawsuit money some place.

Meanwhile, the Diocese will ask its congregations to increase giving from $307,072 this year to $325,717 in '09.

And endowment money placed in the operating budget will go from $308,675 up to $316,648.

Total projected expenses are $1,653,913. Total projected income is $1,380,181 -

a budget deficit of (273,732).


Anonymous said...

does this mean we will continue to operate as though things are all well and good? could someone explain how TEC in SD plans to turn the corner and begin a new life filled with youth and enthusiasm for the future?

Anonymous said...

I got a couple of credit card offers in the mail today, with 0% interest for a year. I would be happy to send them to you. Just let me know and I will dig them out of the garbage.

Alternatively, you could delete $273,732 of useless baloney from your diocesan expenses and have a nicely balanced budget. That's what a sane person would do. If you are having trouble deleting $273,732 of useless baloney from your diocesan budget, please feel free to send me the spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel is fine) and I will gleefully do it for you.

TLF+ said...

It looks like they are trying to turn more money to the missions (especially Reservations) if I am reading it right - but that seems cynical since there isn't adequate income! It reads like, "See? Don't you congregations feel bad? We want to help people and YOU won't step up."

It is likely that some of us will put forward resolutions "outing" the TEC lawsuit frenzy. The people here need to know that TEC is busy suing people for buildings while cutting funds for ministry in some of the poorest counties in America.

And the first comment is sadly right... there's just no energy and momentum here... and more of the weary TEC jargon gets thrown at us all the time.

Anonymous said...

you know i have been active in this diocese for 25 years and i have yet to get moved by the leadership of this diocese. why is that? I believe that great leaders bring effective followers.