Friday, August 1, 2008

Episcopal Church Leaders Caught in Another Lie

Although Internet Explorer seems to have a problem opening this site, news is out that Episcopal Church bishops are LYING to other Anglican bishops, claiming that congregations in Virginia initiated lawsuits against the Episcopal Church and its Diocese of Virgina.

If the link will open, you will see documentation that Episcopal Church leaders are lying. It was the Episcopal Church New York bureaucrats and their regional flunkies who sued the faithful Christians in Virginia (and are doing the same in other states - while refusing to tell the church how much is being spent and what budget items are being used).


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm having problems with it too. I hope BB doesn't have some kind of a virus or serious technical glitch. Hopefully it will be resolved by morning so we can all read it!

Anonymous said...

I had problems opening BB and another couple of sites, today. I get a notice that Outlook Express cannot open them.
I can open MCJ, Stand Firm, T19, Lent and Beyond and here.