Monday, March 21, 2011

Episcopal House of Bishops punted to activists, it appears

Baby Blue posts the resolution enabling a process (spending lots of church money on junkets for activists) to further mire The Episcopal Church in a narrow agenda. From resolution C056, General Convention 2009:

"Resolved, That the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, in consultation with the House of Bishops, devise an open process for the conduct of its work inviting participation from provinces, dioceses, congregations, and individuals who are engaged in such theological work, and inviting theological reflection from throughout the Anglican Communion..."

So, the Standing Commission on Liturgy & Music held a big do last Friday-Saturday in Hotlanta - while the Bishops themselves were traveling to other venues. It appears that the Bishops simply handed this whole thing over to the activists ("inviting participation from provinces, dioceses, congregations and individuals who are engaged in such theological work...")

Frankly, "theological reflection" was invited from the Anglican Communion, which said "no thanks" in 1998. "Theological reflection" was invited from the House of Bishops Theology Committee in 2003 and they said, "Not the right time for the church to do this." "Theological reflection" was "invited" from the 10% of the Episcopal Church's active members who subsequently left to form a separate denomination, and thousands more who simply walked out the church door and never came back.

Campy, sorry, pathetic joke on the lot of us.

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The Underground Pewster said...

What passes for theological work in TEc these days involves "theological reflections" and "engaging in conversation" by people who appear to have already lept to an abominable conclusion.

TEc speak translated:
Theological work = Let's have a love fest.