Monday, March 14, 2011 Sudan: 'Time to Act' - Second Church Leaders Forum Communique

A Sudan Council of Churches Statement. h/t Lent & Beyond prayer blog.

"...At a time, when finally peace should prevail, we once again have to condemn and reject in strongest terms any form of violence, causing the killing, torture and mass displacement of innocent people. Being aware of the fact, that this is partly resulting from the memory of the war times, unsolved issues of the past, the deep trauma with all our people, including the leaders, and the easy availability of arms, we commit ourselves to immediately increase all our efforts to heal the Nation, to reconcile our people and to contribute to a peaceful and just Nation building. We urge our leaders to put down arms, to refrain from using violence to solve disputes, but to use peaceful and legal means instead.

We ask the international community to step up efforts in helping to address the most urgent humanitarian needs of the suffering people, but likewise we urge our governments to provide all necessary assistance. We particularly ask our governments to fulfil their duties in providing security to all people.

We are convinced, that a peaceful future for our people needs to be based on the principles of respecting the dignity of every human being, on justice, equal rights an opportunities for all people, inclusiveness, accountability and transparency..."

Remember, you can be of practical help as they seek a better future.

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