Friday, March 4, 2011

Feedback from a Bible Study

We are offering an intergenerational class, using the Faith Stepping Stones curriculum.

The current Bible overview has 8 sessions, so we started here in late Epiphany, will run it as the Lenten series, and conclude with study of the New Testament in the first weeks of Easter season.

Got a Facebook message from one of the moms who attended with her family last night:

"(Our elementary age daughter) was telling us in the parking lot that she had the best time ever and she loves her Bible. She said that she loves to be able to highlight and write in it and is very proud that it is all hers. She was reading me passages out of it and telling me how excited she is to learn more."

Because we don't have altar flowers during the solemn days of Lent, we are having folks make Sunday thank offerings and memorials toward purchasing new study Bibles for the parish kids. For at least one young lady and her family, that was a winner!

All thanks, praise and glory to God.


LibraryJim said...

Just curious: what Study Bible are you going to be giving out?

TLF+ said...

Jim - this is funny because I was b***hing about NRSV on Facebook the other day, but one we really like is

TLF+ said...

Ah, better link:

The Underground Pewster said...

Many of the OT stories are being heard for the first time by the current generation (and many of the older generation too). It is great fun and serious reading too.