Sunday, March 20, 2011

"put to flight all the darkness of hatred"

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams led this prayer at the memorial for murdered Christian Pakistani Official Shahbaz Bhatti last week:

"God our Father, whose power is shown in compassion and whose justice gives hope to all your creation, strengthen with your mercy and justice all who work for peace and understanding between nations, between communities of faith, and between neighbours. May the gift of your Spirit of truth and peace be poured out especially upon the people and leaders of Pakistan, so that fear may be overcome, prejudice and hatred be taken away, and trust restored.

"We give you thanks for the witness of all who have risked their lives for reconciliation, and pray that all who live at risk because of their faith will know your presence and your blessing, and be given the courage to seek a place at the feet of Jesus. May the people of Pakistan be renewed and revived, an example of just and loving fellowship in the service of the common good; and may the suffering Church there and elsewhere put to flight all the darkness of hatred in human hearts.

All this we ask for the sake of our crucified Saviour, Jesus Christ, who gave his life so that all might be reconciled to you in the communion of the Holy Spirit. Amen."

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