Thursday, March 10, 2011

UPDATED: Please consider Lenten offerings to help South Sudan

The South Sudanese community of Sioux Falls and throughout the Diocese of South Dakota has opened our hearts and eyes in so many ways.

During Lent, please consider special offerings to help them rebuild their homeland, the world's newest nation, through education.

Offerings will go directly to the support of the village teachers in the new school in Pajut, South Sudan, and to help a South Sudanese student complete his education degree work in Kenya.

UPDATE: I just got some copies of paperwork from the Ed. student in Kenya. His name is Alier Mathew Leek, and after some education in a refugee camp he completed secondary school in Kenya. The Head Teacher of St. Leo's School describes him as "industrious, assertive, honest and repsonsible. He was an active member of science club. With such character and focus, Leek should go for nothing but the very best." He is accepted into a Bachelor of Education program through Moi Unversity, Eldoret, Kenya. His need is approximately $1,200 U.S. per year for four years.

You can use the PayPal port to the right of this page - your offerings are tax deductible and will be acknowledged through a designated fund of my parish operating account.

You can also mail offerings to

South Sudan Education
Church of the Good Shepherd
2707 W. 33rd St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Thanks in advance and God bless you with a holy Lent and bright Easter.

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