Monday, March 21, 2011

Episcopal Bishop gets honest: Lawsuits are for property to liquidate, not use

The usual talking point used by Episcopalians to justify spending millions of church dollars on lawsuits against other Christians is reflected here:

"We have a responsibility to protect the property, name and other assets built up over 170 years by North Texas Episcopalians for use by future generations." Bishop Wallace Ohl

But in an interview run in the Modesto (CA) Bee newspaper last Saturday, Bishop Chester Talton says,

"The national church is supporting the diocese to a considerable extent. We expect the diocese will regain its assets and property and that will assist in paying back those costs."

h/t Anglican Curmudgeon

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peggy38 said...

Of course! But by that they mean selling the property for a fraction of its value to anyone who is not a breakaway congregation.

Offers for fair market value are summarily rejected if you are the wrong kind of people.

Yeah that is protecting the assets built up over generations, my rear-end.