Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prayer Request and Reduced Internet Blather

Our autistic son had a nasty seizure today. He hit is head going down - evidently he is hard headed like yours truly. Lots of blood from a deep cheek gash and probably a broken nose, but the doctors checked him out and that seems to be it.

My wife and I have been in conversation with the medical people, some parishioners with similar experience, and social support folks - our home is not a clinic and we might need to look at better options for his care. This is where our energy and attention needs to be.

Add to that the most recent blogging here, in which I see again that we in the Episcopal Church are simply talking past one another. Most of this conversation is wasted. I say, "Why is the church badly led?" and the reply is, "Why do you hate gay people?" It's not even a conversation.

As I said to a parishioner off-blog, I've sounded all the warnings, and that's all God asks. There's nothing new to add that people haven't already understood or denied when it comes to this sad little denomination.

So I'm not closing the blog, but I won't be posting much for a bit. I've closed comments because I don't want to come back to a clean up project. For POSITIVE Anglican perspectives, I encourage you to visit the Northern Plains Anglicans Facebook page. Some really sharp people are posting there, not about controversy but about some of the spiritual treasures Anglicans of many perspectives might be able to share.

I do ask your prayers for my family as we see to our son's needs - that's where my energy is needed, useful and welcome. God bless you.

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