Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lighting up the Falls of the Big Sioux River

Well, my night vision and photo skills are limited, so I'm not doing justice to the total illumination of every tree, bench, and other inanimate object in Falls Park, Sioux Falls. But we were there when the Mayor counted down and flipped the switch last night.

I did get these two decent pics of the Falls themselves on a very cold but very festive night.

Local news and video are here.

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David Handy+ said...

Thanks for posting the pics. I have fond memories of how stunningly beautiful the fully illuminated Falls Park looked when I was living in Sioux Falls back in the winter of 2004 and 2005, while caring for my ailing mother.

I hope, Tim, that you'll be able to post some other pictures in the days to come that will help everyone to see just how amazing and appealing is the incredible light display the city creates at the park this time of year.

Jesus is truly the Light of the World, and though he came into this dark and often cruel world as a helpless baby, the darkness of our sinful world has not been able to overcome that light (John 1.5).