Tuesday, November 23, 2010

KELO's Belfrage: A (Vikings) fan of sorrows, well acquainted with grief

KELO AM morning host Greg Belfrage was lamenting the travails of the Minnesota Vikings, and wondered out loud if he could go on as their fan, having his heart broken year after year.

On his Facebook wall, he wrote

"I'm donating my Vikings wear to charity. Who else is with me??"

Which troubled some of us

"Why would you shame those who are in need?"

"You surely can't hate poor people that much. They have some pride left."

If it is any comfort, Greg, I grew up as an L.A. Rams fan. Same deal. Plenty of talent, no rings 'til they moved away and got that one in St. Louis much, much later. How many seasons I watched Fran Tarkenton running around and beating them, only to go on and lose the big game.

There's a kinship in this somewhere.


The Archer of the Forest said...

At least the Vikings go to the big game on occasion. I grew up in the South where the only team was the Falcons (at least in the pre-Titan days) who were perennially horrendous.

Grace said...

Being a Vikings fan builds character and is an exercise in faith-building. At least so I tell myself...