Friday, November 5, 2010

Fundamentalists Anonymous (Who?) sing "Glory Days...

...well, they pass you by..." (thanks, Bruce Springsteen)

I don't know why, exactly, I googled these guys recently, but the result was pretty humorous.

Basking in a long ago debate against the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, they return to those thrilling days of yester-year when "Fundamentalists Anonymous" came to save us from the "Fundamentalist mindset."

In their material, they always tried to say that the mindset could be any religion or any ideology. Using the model developed by Alcoholics Anonymous, they sought to help people recover from a form of thinking they deemed toxic.

Now, they are being congratulated (congratulating themselves?) as "prophets"... because the world is in a deadly war between Fundamentalist Islam and... Fundamentalist CHRISTIANITY (cue scary music)!

How many absurdities can you find at the link? I warn you, you might spew a beverage on your keyboard or hurt your ribs laughing. Or you might punch your monitor in reaction to the idiocy you will encounter.

Let's see things as they are - isn't that a goal of sobriety, after all? - and admit that various Islamic groups are stirring up strife and resistance in the secular West, Communist China, Islamic states - pretty much every setting on the planet.

Nowhere - NOWHERE - is Christianity being imposed upon the world by force. If anything, Christians in the West are for the most part allied with secularists in resisting Islamic social influence. Here in the USA, there's little difference between Oklahoma's new anti-Sharia law, Bill Maher's anti-Islamic opinion and The Rev. Franklin Graham's commentary.

Maybe we're all a bunch of Western Civilization Fundamentalists. Or Democratic Capitalist Fundamentalists. Or Human Rights Fundamentalists.

But we have hope. FA can help us find our way to sanity.

Ya think they have groups meeting in Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran or Saudi Arabia?


Reformation said...

Give cause to review Dr. Machen at:

Also, although noting Part 3, see Parts One and Two.

Not available at modern centers of adverts in Anglican circles. A sorry fact.

D. Philip Veitch
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

TLF+ said...

Thank you for the links and for the vital reminder that "Fundamentalist" is a term that has been taken over and distorted far from what Dr. Machen (an Ivy League Academic!) and his contemporaries meant by it.

Almost any use of the the term today is a straw man.