Friday, November 5, 2010

Madville Times: Who Needs Two Parties? GOP Cognitive Dissonance Covers All Philosophical Bases

h/t Pastor Shel

Madville Times: Who Needs Two Parties? GOP Cognitive Dissonance Covers All Philosophical Bases

"A paltry plurality of South Dakotans (with the assistance of Dem-leaning voters who tended to abstain for lack of choices) just elected to Congress Kristi Noem, a woman who stirs our local Sarah Palin fantasies by promising to cut big government even as she and her family make a living selling federally subsidized crop insurance and collecting more farm subsidies than all but 17 other South Dakota ag operations...

...just acknowledge that South Dakota is a welfare state and that you, your family, and our whole state rely on socialism, on collective community effort, to survive. Either way, end the cognitive dissonance. After all, we in the loyal opposition can't loyally oppose you if you're occupying both positions at once."

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The Archer of the Forest said...

Talk about a case of sour grapes. I personally think it chalks up to a classic case of the incumbent not running a particularly good campaign while the upstart runs a very energetic campaign. I don't think ideology or any of the things referenced in this article had much to do with it. Noem outcampaigned Herseth-Sandlin. It's that simple.

Case in point: The Hobo Day parade here in Brookings a few weeks back. It was SDSU's homecoming and Brookings is Herseth-Sandlin's hometown. Noem had this huge float in the parade with a bunch of energetic people with campaign shirts and handing out candy and chanting, etc., most of which were walking back through the crowds at the end of the parade. Herseth-Sandlin had a one big sign on the Democratic Campaign truck (that also had a bunch of other campaign signs from other candidates), and she had no organized supporters handing out candy or anything even remotely on par with the blitz of Noem.

I turned to my wife after the parade and said, "I am willing to bet you money Herseth-Sandlin just lost the race." If you can't even campaign well in your hometown, its over.

And I was right.