Monday, November 1, 2010

Episcopal Life Online reports on groundbreaking South Dakota event (good piece for All Saints' Day!)

Episcopal Life Online - DIOCESAN DIGEST

Several of our parish young people were able to attend the event in Vermillion.

Our state's tourism tag line is "Great Faces, Great Places." I guess the story shows that the Communion of Saints can be described as "all kinds of faces, not bound by places."

"Brother John's visit worked as a catalyst to get different church groups, ages, and cultures together in an unusual and wonderful way, completely in tune with the Taizé mission of reconciliation among Christians," said the Rev. Rita Powell, coordinator for youth and young adult ministry for the Diocese of South Dakota.


David Wilson+ said...


FWIW, I liked the photo of you sitting smiling holding your shotgun better than the current one of you standing at the altar in your red chasable.


TLF+ said...

LOL that's Gregory the Great working at a desk. I write more than shoot... but the shotgun pic will be back as it gets much comment.