Friday, November 5, 2010

About showing up...

Yuck - an overheated week of politics and church melodrama in the blogosphere.

It's a good time for worship. Being in God's presence is like - I dunno, pick your metaphor: a reboot, a hot shower, a massage, a favorite beverage break, dinner 'round the campfire...

NOT an escape from the world, but the right rest and refreshment to step into it whole.

The final verse of this morning's Psalm is a word of worship and an encouragement to seek God's presence,

How wonderful is God in his holy places! The God of Israel giving strength and power to his people! Blessed be God!

Last Wednesday I celebrated Holy Communion over at Calvary Cathedral. An attorney who attends that midweek service came up after and remarked on how easy it is to perceive "church" as just another obligation and not show up, but how much is missed - he held up the sheet with the prayers and lessons we'd shared - when that happens.

As I admit in my sermons now and again, if I didn't HAVE to be at church, I might not make it that much during football season. I'd skip the exposition of Jesus' words for a 9 to 3 yawner between .500 teams.

May the Spirit encourage and guide you to inspiring, renewing and transforming teaching and worship this weekend.

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