Monday, February 15, 2010

South Dakota "libertarians" turned out to be a bunch of status quo statists, judicial activists and junk scientists

In 2008, South Dakotans rejected Proposition 11, which would have banned elective abortion while allowing the procedure in cases of rape and incest.

The Associated Press now reports that non-partisan analysis of the campaign reveals the anti-11 front group got 82% of its funds from out-of-state sources.

So West River's free thinking, live off the land, self-reliant, etc. etc. folks who formed a core voting bloc against the measure watched misleading commercials paid for in San Francisco to prop up a creaky old judicial fiat from DC.

Meanwhile, South Dakota statistics show that abortions went up 20% from '07 - '08.

Thanks, you freedom loving, keep-government-out-of-our-sovereign-decisions, can't think-past-the-last-TV-sound-bite-you-heard dupes. Your vote perpetuated judicial activism and deconstruction of the Constitution, and you chose emotion and hucksterism over the science, reason and informed decision making you claim to value. Yeah, you really are our betters.

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