Thursday, February 18, 2010

Episcopal Church spends millions of donors' dollars to employ and provide DC space for Democratic Party lobbyists

Not Another Episcopal Church Blog: The Episcopal Lobbyists Stick your heads in the sand all you want, Episcopalians. I will keep posting the outrages. You can just pretend it's all fine.

But give a thought to connecting this story to the story below. A handful of activisits not caring if the church prospers as long as it bequeaths enough money to subsidize their sorry, non-productive rear ends for a few years.

That's what's going on in Episcopalianism. That's why the poobahs don't care about losing members (or finding members). TEC is a shell, a front - a "church" with a name to slap on cause endorsements and old money to subsidize the hobby class.

Like the letter below says, "Heaven's blessings." Have a nice day. Please drink responsibly. Whatever. Y'all don't care.

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Keith said...

After studying the problem for over a year, I have come to the conclusion that the struggle for the hearts and minds of the people within the Anglican Communion is hopelessly split. This isn't a 'winner take all' fight. No this is a 'everyone loses' type of fight. The people who leading the TEC to the left are great as revolutionaries, but like most revolutionaries, they are not equipped to govern effectively. You have people blowing up structures but they don't have anything to replace them. The people in the pews are not unsophisticated yokels as some of the clergy like to portray them, but what the leadership that is in charge of the church at this point in time have failed to realize is this simple fact: They haven't made a decent case for the direction that they have chosen for the church. How do we know this? The laity are leaving. People in America vote with their money and their time and at this moment they are saying to us that they(the people in the pews) don't have the time or the money for this conflict. The conflict is not about the full inclusion of GLBT people in church leadership. That is only a symptom of the larger conflict. The conflict that is playing out through out TEC is who directs the direction of the church, the clergy or the laity?
The spending on lobbying in DC is a perfect example of this problem.