Tuesday, June 2, 2009

UPDATED: Murders in Kansas and Arkansas: Why a different standard?

Overshadowed by the murder of Dr. Tiller in Kansas was yesterday's murder of a U.S. Army soldier in front of a recruiting office Little Rock, Arkansas.

The following is stated in pretty much all of the news reports I looked up:

Police arrested Abdulhakim Mujahid* Muhammad, 23, along a crosstown interstate moments after the shootings at the Army-Navy Career Center in a shopping center in west Little Rock.

Muhammad acted alone, the police chief said, and based on an interview with officers, the suspect "probably had political and religious motives for the attack."

A few thoughts:

  1. President Obama quickly and publicly condemned the murder of Dr. Tiller. Yet, as Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces, he has not issued any statement on the Arkansas shooting so far (7 a.m. CST... now 10 a.m. CST).
  2. Listen for statements exculpating Islam from the Arkansas shooter's actions; we already have plenty of statements blaming the entire pro-life movement for Dr. Tiller's death.
  3. Watch for calls to further constrict the assembly and speech rights of pro-lifers, and maybe even for Federal protection of abortionists; watch for the Arkansas shooting to be portrayed as a "isolated incident."

* UPDATE: The shooter is an adult American convert to Islam. He chose a middle name which means "Holy Warrior." What Imam and Mosque guided his conversion? Are they "responsible" for his actions? Will there be Federal action to contain that group's activities, and to protect potential targets from them? Will media outlets vilify them, or instead call for "tolerance and dialogue"?


Miss Sippi said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been waiting for the cries of outrage about this murder . . . ha.

Undergroundpewster said...

Does anyone notice any similarity that this "random" act has with the targeting of police and military recruiting in Iraq and Afghanistan?

David Handy+ said...


Your pointing out of the stark contrast between the media coverage and public reaction to the two murders is brilliant. Just brilliant.

You're absolutely right. Many people will hasten to point out that all Muslims in America shouldn't be blamed for the gunning down of that new Army recruiter in Arkansas, while at the very same time many of those folks will tend to suppose that the killing of Dr. Tiller somehow taints the whole pro-life movement.

How bizarre is that?

I hope Stand Firm, Kendall's TitusOneNine, or some other major blog picks up that great idea of yours and gives it a lot more visibility. The glaring contrast between how the two murders are viewed is "an inconvenient truth" that needs wide dissemination.

Jeffry said...

Until I just now read this post, I hadn't even HEARD about the Arkansas murder.

I know I have had a lot of other things going on, but I haven't been hiding under a rock!

Hopefully, this doesn't surprise us about "double standard" (GASP, he says shockingly), hopefully it does OUTRAGE us, though.