Saturday, June 27, 2009

"We had planned everything. We were prepared for everything. But not for candles and prayer."

Dang that Eric Swennson. His comments are so good that I'm willing to shut down the Anglican venture and leave the Northern Plains church franchise to the Lutherans. Except that would provide theological justification for lutefisk.

But seriously, folks, his comments on media, faith and tyranny are worth a look.

I saw an example of what he's describing during the conflict in El Salvador. Two groups were demonstrating outside of a Salvadoran consulate in Los Angeles. One favored the right wing government, the other favored progressive reform. The two marched in circles, their chants getting more and more bellicose.

The progressive group suddenly shut up and dropped to its knees in prayer. The right wing group kept chanting, but after about 5 minutes they became tentative and disorganized, and they finally just packed up and left the scene.


caheidelberger said...

"Shut up and dropped to its knees in prayer"—I've always had trouble finding the courage to take that tack. But it's a powerful image... and in this instance, it worked.

TLF+ said...

I think it is easier if one is in a supportive group... probably one practical reason that Jesus sent the apostles out in pairs!

Wilf said...

thanks for this, Tim, I just met Eric on twitter a day or two ago, he's cool!