Thursday, June 11, 2009

Minnesota OB-GYN resists culture of death, opens "Hippocratic Registry"

You can read all about it here. Check out this information:

The American College of OB/GYN, however, threw down the gauntlet in November 2007 with its Ethics Statement No. 385, which defined any OB/GYN doctor who did not perform or refer for abortion as unethical. The American Board of OB/GYN quickly followed with a new requirement that an OB/GYN doctor had to agree with the ethics of the College to pass the OB/GYN boards.

If that's "choice," no thanks.

One of the things that you should always fact-check is a claim that a "profession" speaks with one voice. Groups that issue "official" statements for doctors, therapists, lawyers, teachers and other professions are usually heavy with parasitic activists who spend all their time working the professional bureaucracy to give their views credibility. The same goes on in church bureaucracies, btw, which is why "denominational statements" tend to be way out of touch with the folks in the pews.

Good for Dr. Anderson for standing up on this.

Physicians who sign on to the Hippocratic Registry acknowledge the oath's six concepts: transcendence, which means submission to a higher authority; medicine as a moral, not just technical, activity; respect for life, meaning no abortion or euthanasia; a covenant between the physician and patient, not just a code of conduct; physician honesty and integrity; and collegiality between like-minded physicians.

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