Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just back from Virtual Church...

Yes, Virtual. I was at The Anglican Cathedral in Second Life.

New Zealand's Rev. Mark Brown preached on "What does the future hold for virtual ministry?"

He suggested three reasons folks don't show up at our church buildings on Sunday:

  1. Boring

  2. Don't like our message

  3. Other priorities for their time in busy lives

Given the amount of activity, information and even identity we share via the internet, Rev. Brown wondered how we might "go where they are" rather than only trying to attract them to where we are.

Can Anglicanism envision a "non-geographical" on-line diocese?


Anonymous said...

Great to hear you've visited Second Life, Father Tim - there's great need for orthodox Anglicans in Second Life, both at the Anglican Ecumenical Society in SL (a group for Anglicans who uphold Scripture & the creeds - on the web, or on on facebook) - and at the Cathedral, where I know there's an expressed interest by the leadership for having more people involved who are orthodox Anglicans.

This is really like starting a new diocese or province of the Communion, and it's essential that it starts out well and glorifying God.

TLF+ said...

As in real life, so in the virtual world - my problem will be time . But I am hopeful that God will open a useful way, and certainly bless those who are missionary pioneers in this new mission field.

Anonymous said...

I suppose a TEC type might find a cyber church much to their liking, but who's going to do the music?

A traditionalist Anglican knows that a 'cyber-church' is an impossibility, because the Incarnation means that we are enjoined 'not to forsake the coming together' as it the habit of some,' as the Apostle says.

Sin, as always, is the reason why people don't come to a Church that truly preaches the 'faith once delivered unto the saints.' Conviction of sin, and declaration (sacarmental) of forgiveness is absolutely a 'you have to be there' sort of activity.

'Cyber-church' is just Satan trying yet again to keep the Body of Christ apart. I give a big thumbs down.

- Fr. john

Pageantmaster said...

Who is to say that we may not come together to worship and glorify God over the internet using websites and interactive posting and telephony? Perhaps Christ will be there also in our midst, do you think?

Well done Fr Tim on your openness to innovative ways of reaching out to the unchurched.

May the walls come tumbling down.

Wilfried Ansome said...

Fr. John, I think Anglicans who try to obey scriptures see this more as "an opportunity for ministry" and a "way to serve and worship God together," but not as a real "church." Some do try to bill it as a "full expression of church" - I think though primarily people who aren't concerned much with church teaching or faithful readings of scripture. I'm not even so fond of that vocabulary "expression of church" to begin with.

You're both very welcome to come in for a bit of a tour - contact is probably easiest through the facebook page mentioned above. Or ask Fr. Tim.

Undergroundpewster said...

I am still trying to navigate, chat, and get along with others. I can't even figure out how to kneel!

Once I get this life figured out, I guess I will move on to Second Life. ;-)