Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Peter & Caron Stebinger congratulate the Diocese of South Dakota

by email via the Diocesan Office:

I have been on a Federal Deployment for the past week and so have been tardy in sending along my thanks to the Standing Committee and the whole Diocese for welcoming Caron and me into the process of discernment for your next Bishop. It was a Spirit filled time and we were carried along by the prayers of all of you. Even the hearings and the questions were enjoyable.

I feel that the Holy Spirit spoke very strongly in Father Tarrant's first ballot majority and know that he is the one called to serve with all of you. Hence my withdrawal after the first ballot. He and Pat are entering a very challenging time of ministry with all of you, and you and they will constantly be in our prayers.

Again thank you for so graciously including us. God is good.

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