Friday, May 1, 2009

Oglala tribal member wins damages under 1868 treaty

A Lakota woman was awarded $600,000 in damages under the Fr. Laramie treaty of 1868.

The treaty grants compensation of damages suffered by Native Americans at the hands of White "bad men."

South Dakota's missionary Episcopal bishop, William Hobart Hare, noted the damage done to Christian efforts by the abuse inflicted on the L/Dakota people by Whites, including those who broke treaties to mine gold on lands sacred to the Tribes.

The history of this region is marred by treaty breaking - words put on paper and then betrayed. So it is good to see the victim in this case prevail.

The Government and Tribal authorities remain dug in over the Black Hills, land sacred to the Tribes and taken from them in violation of treaties. U.S. courts have affirmed the Tribal claims in various cases, but will only award monetary damages - the Tribes continue to ask for return of the land.

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