Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daily Kos: Great Plains to dump "conservative" values

Values which are presented as "homophobia, intolerance and racism."

h/t Robbisndale Radical


The Archer of the Forest said...

I have to call the writer's hand on this one; I think he's living in a different world. The 2006 and 2008 elections had very little to do with these "values." In fact, Obama was fairly masterful at completely avoiding any discussion of family values culture-war type issues because he knew that stating his opinions on the matter was just going to inflame blocs of the electorate he was courting.

I am also curious why he attaches labels like "homophobia, intolerance, and racism" to conservatives. Who exactly was running on a platform for that?

I also take issue with his finger waging at the South (being a born and bred Southerner). Look at the federal statistics on the most segregated states, and I can assure you there is not a Southern state in the top 10. I think Texas is like 11 or 12, and they are only Southern when they want to be.

I think this writer mistakes a shift in values with pitiful campaigning. McCain, who was already older than the hills, ran a dreadful campaign, and Republicans in general lost their moorings, which is why States that would otherwise have voted Republican went Democrat.

I am sorry, but this is just about worthless political analysis.

TLF+ said...

It is just jaw-droppingly bad, but this is what is passing for analysis and discourse these days.

What troubles me (and why I posted this) is that this is not all that far from some of the polarized junk that we are doing in the church. This could be read and General Convention with very little objection.

As a "church of the American consensus," we are caught up in the histrionics that accompany the evaporation of consensus. Just sad.

The Archer of the Forest said...

Yeah, there are certainly folks in the Episcopal Church these days who would unfortunately buy this sort of "analysis" at face value.

I remember in seminary I was basically a political outsider. I would not say 'pariah' because I really avoid discussing politics in general. My question was always how dangerously far on a political extreme is a seminary when a registered independent/moderate is mistaken for a conservative rabble rouser (which I was accused of more than once even though I avoided political discussions like the plaque.)

Bizarre times.

Anonymous said...

This is just Marcos'(Kos) twisted attempt to intimidate people, make it seem inevitable, psych people out. Here's a hint about him from a former liberal dem, who became disgusted with Daily Kos within a few months of it's going online. He regaled his readership with a story, not long after that, about a memory of his as a child. His father owned a furniture store in the Latin American country they came from, and his father taught him to take delight in the warfare between both the far right and far left, and how to exploit it.

Marcos' sole intent is to make money. His partner in his website is a con artist who started the mydd site ("My Direct Democracy"), after he had been busted for securities fraud, other activities of his included being a psychic astronomer. I guess he figured it would be more profitable scamming liberals. Kos is one of the owners of the blogads network, that's how he makes his money. BTW, Kos likes to infer that he's a lawyer, but apparently he has no law license, and he's never passed a bar exam. Back during the '04 election, Marcos didn't reveal, until he'd been caught, using his site to promote Howard Dean, that he was on the payroll of the Dean campaign (that's when he lost lots of his readership, and many of them started investigating him)