Thursday, May 7, 2009

UPDATED: Comments on Bishop candidate event in Rapid City & other venues - still no consensus candidate emerging

From various emails (updating as more come in). Speaking with clergy and laity from various places, I don't sense a strong consensus behind any one candidate. The Reservation congregations tend to be discreet in the run-up to Convention - they had a unified and decisive vote at the last election here, but I don't know if they have a favorite candidate this time.

We could be in for a long day with many ballots.


"Tarrant improved throughout the night the most, and became a little more theologically reflective on the questions, although Floberg came off better than we thought from the initial biographies printed in the SD Church News."

"Our folk were initially leaning to Stebinger and Tarrant, no one came away with a good impression of Floberg as they felt his only interests were with the Natives and with deacons and that abominable phrase mutual ministry."

"Dunn came off very well here with what I considered to be good, in-depth and theologically sound answers."

"Midwesterners were seeing through Dunn's 'wink, wink, nod, nod' routine."

"N____ said that she liked Tarrant and Stebinger, but at this point was leaning toward Stebinger because if Tarrant is bishop, we lose another parish priest in this diocese which already has a priest shortage."

"Stebinger came across as a thoughtful, prayerful and quite cerebral man who could really be a good pastor."

"Stebinger never emerged as a leader."

"John Tarrant really hit many nails squarely on the heads, and pulled no punches as to what he has discovered since he arrived in the diocese. He called inexcusable the lack of love and concern, not following the canons of the church, the lack of pastoral oversight, etc."

"I am pondering if Tarrant has the energy and vision to renew the Diocese."

"I am really undecided today."

"I am going to have to pray on this some more."


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting these.

What struck me about the Rapid City proceedings was the body language between Reverend Tarrant and Father Floberg. Tarrant keeps patting Floberg on the shoulder, on the back, etc. It is noticeable. One could read this as an (unconscious) attempt to show dominance over a rival. Or, one could read it as an empathetic gesture. (But perhaps a bit condescending) I prefer the former reading.

Undergroundpewster said...

I am worried that votes may be divided between the 3 other candidates leaving Dunn with an edge. Ya'll may want to talk about that in off line conversation.