Sunday, May 3, 2009

Diocese provides DVD of Bishop Candidate walkabout; cp has it up on YouTube!

South Dakota is a big state, and even with 5 stops spread well, it was hard for many churches to get folks out to hear the candidates.

So the Diocese has provided a DVD, and frequent commenter cp has it up on You Tube.

It was a three hour event, so there are about 14 YouTube videos to watch.

Kudos to the Diocese, the film guy from St. Paul's, Brookings (blogger Archer of the Forest's parish) and cp.


cp said...

Today I ripped, clipped and posted the May 1 Walkabout meeting with the four candidates in Rapid City. I wish we had something from the meetings on the Nations, but at least here's more of the candidates if you want to hear from them before you vote on Saturday. am grateful this video was captured for those that couldn't make the meetings, and for review for those that could. Talk to your delegates; this won't be an easy choice.

Many thanks to the videographers:

Sioux Falls: TV Productions Inc.
www.tvproductionsinc.comRapid City:Sandra Magnavito, St. Andrews, Rapid City

cp said...

Prayer for the Diocese of South Dakota

Sovereign Lord, you have created, redeemed, and cared for us: we give you thanks for all the bishops of your Church who have served us, the Diocese of South Dakota. We pray that your Holy Spirit will guide the work of all responsible for the nomination and calling of our next bishop and the heart of the one to be called.

May she or he be passionate in encouraging and supporting all the baptized, that we, with the many and diverse gifts you have given us, may continue Christ’s mission of reconciliation, the restoring of all people to unity with you and each other. May we ever seek to widen the sacred circle gathered around Jesus in prayer, loving and serving you and our neighbors in Jesus’ Name.


(by Dn Virginia Bird, St Andrews)

Anonymous said...

Again, a must see event. Thanks so much for posting the links and to CP for putting the vids up on Youtube for posterity. LOLZ. (Keep 'em up there, then the 1st hundred days can be evaluated. Well . . . )