Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Sunrise

Our street this morning. Believe it or not, that rising sun was presiding over temps around zero.

The bright sun suggests warmth, but in deep winter the most achingly cold days sport bright sun and clear skies. The coldest nights are studies in starry beauty.

Cloudy days are actually more "temperate" much of the time, as the clouds hold some of the warmth closer to the earth.

Out of the city, on the true Plains, a rancher blogs,

"Snow and cold. Below zero this morning. I used the tractor this morning as I needed to push some snow around the bales and clean off the driveway. Must be at least 8 inches, maybe more. Didn’t drift too bad.

Yesterday I throwed some little square bales in the back of the pickup and Cindy went with me, up west where the horses are. We broke and scattered the bales and Cindy drove."

It's beautiful here, in a decidedly "look, don't touch" kinda way.

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