Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vote for me 'n' Bundy

It's like this, our parish youth & kid leader entered me in a Christianity Today contest (this link goes there) matching clergy faces with celebrities... she decided (rightly) to pair me with Ed O'Neill (currently Modern Family on ABC but best loved as Al Bundy on Fox's Married With Children - a show of which my late dad and I were both devotees).

Now, she's got this right but she didn't submit my most Bundyesque picture. Yeah, she got the receeding hairline, the nose & bags under the eyes, but there are better ones out there...

So go vote on principal. Don't let me get beat by the Joel Osteen/Tim Allen pairing somebody posted (yeah, it's good).


Carson T. Clark said...

I don't laugh out loud a whole lot just reading internet stuff, but this post did it.

TLF+ said...

Carson - the youth minister who posted me on the contest was kind of apologetic, but I told her that I was having a rough week, and while it is conventional to say, "I need prayer," I really needed a laugh and this whole thing provided one. God blesses us in many strange ways.