Friday, February 25, 2011

Care to sandbag with me in Fargo on Tuesday?

Sanford Health, who employs yours truly p/t, has chartered a bus to take volunteers to Fargo, ND, this Tuesday (Mar. 1) to help sandbag against the expected spring floods. Heavy snow fall means lots of water in the river during the thaw - last year's floods were pretty harsh on the city.

If you have the inclination and availability, let me know ASAP (you need not work for Sanford but seat reservations are required).

The bus leaves at 7 a.m. on Tuesday from the Sanford Medical campus in Sioux Falls. We are scheduled to arrive in Fargo around 11 a.m., sandbag from then 'til 3 p.m. (a box lunch is provided), and get back to Sioux Falls around 7 p.m.

Please pray for Fargo - and for slow thaw in all cities that could face floods this spring.


The Archer of the Forest said...

If it wasn't on Tuesday, I would consider it.

caheidelberger said...

Do you get to ride this bus?

TLF+ said...

Cory, LOL. No, that bus is, uh, different. Could do some serious blogging aboard that one!